Our History


1999: The Electronic Business Unit of Gay Freres Vente and Exportation SA developed The Smart Point® technology.  At that time, the company was producing hundreds of thousands of gold bracelets each year on behalf of Rolex. In the late 1990s, Gay Freres sold its assets to Rolex, but not all, one of these was The Smart Point® technology. In December 1999, Smart Point SA was officially established in Geneva.

Smart Point SA is currently involved to developing Identification Solutions. The company follows the entire process of creation from the solution concept to its market entry, integrating the interdisciplinary potential of engineering both for software and hardware.

One of the main strength of the Smart Point SA is to be able to produce quality Solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies, achieving the highest levels of effectiveness and at the same time ensuring maximum reliability and ease of use.

Specific Solution


The development team of The Smart Point SA has numerous skills: from the hardware design to the proficiency in the Electronics, both Analog and Digital; from the development of Microcontroller Firmware, database integration and system integration, to the development of Software.

The Smart Point SA technicians work to ensure the accuracy and quality of our Identification Solutions, devised with a holistic approach. Furthermore our technicians are committed to ensuring that the Solutions are designed harmoniously and collimated in the organization of the Customer as a homogeneous system focused on the goals to be achieved.

Smart Point SA provides tailor-made solutions suited to every type of customers’ needs and expectations.

What do we do? And how do we do it?

Smart Point SA provides modern technological solutions to solve both Management and Security issues.

It is a challenging mission that pushes our team to develop more and more advanced criteria for technical specifications and features, related to the environmental management and the personnel handling.

First of all, a careful analysis needs to be made. This inquiry aimed at understanding the various scenarios, business demands and issues. Eventually, the analysis results will lead the preparation of ad hoc solutions.

Our strategic direction develops new products and solutions, taking care to listen and understand operational issues, working side by side with the customer.

Our company policy provides also for an intense “Customer Care” and staff training activity that supports the Client with the work and experience of an abnegated team whose aim is to guarantee an integrated system of solutions, functional and efficient.