Water Solution

Water Service is an articulate and complex activity, which implies the constant monitoring and management of a large number of equipment, buildings and machineries. Thus, efficiency is required to ensure users a quality service and at the same time an adequate profit for your own company.

Currently, despite the large volume of economic resources employed in software solutions developed to respond to these needs, paper-based activities are still heavily used, resulting in long, inefficient manual digitising.

The purpose of the Water Solution illustrated here is to improve exponentially the data flow by nullifying the informational misalignments, minimizing diseconomies due to the poor or difficult availability of information. On the other hand, this solution would allow the simple usability of the same information, both in the “Centre“ and in the “Field”. This solution aim to a more efficient and cost-effective “on condition” management. These targets represent the ideal for any maintainer and manager of more or less complex systems.

The water solution can be used in many maintenance applications for water equipment and installations. For example:

Control Equipment Status (Purifiers, Lifting plants for wastewater, Aqueducts).

Typically, for almost all components, and necessarily for the most critical, the maintainer is required to produce a document identifying the apparatus and describing the operations performed on it.

The proposed procedure involves that firstly the operator enters the site to carry out the device control or maintenance; after that he use an handheld or laptop to read from the Smart Point® the last interventions made; finally he acts accordingly. Therefore the task performed is stored in a local memory rather than on paper. Upon returning to the office, the operator, thanks to the mobile device, will download the data on the Activity Coordinator PC, updating the database immediately and allowing the task reports to be compiled automatically.

Water sampling to be analyzed:

First of all, the pickup points are uniquely mapped with Smart Point® (storing the corresponding identifier code inside it). After that the process is arranged so that the operator who is sampling the water, reads and transfers the point code, date, and time of the sampling within another Smart Point® applied to the test tube.

The whole process certifies sampling and simplifies its management, which will be done by analytical laboratories.