Real Estate Solution

It is generally suggested that in property management, managers and administrators can rely on effective systems that facilitate the monitoring of multiple aspects of a building’s supervision. Systems, such as Quorum and i-immob8.5 and various Internal Solutions to some Western-Swiss institutions have largely demonstrated so.

In such systems, buildings and their configurations (layout) are inventoried in a database accessible through modern means of transmitting data such as, for example Internet.

Nevertheless, although these systems are at the forefront, if the solution providers want to keep up with technological development, holding theirs position as market leaders, they have to think about improvements and new components integration continuously.

Smart Point SA is a good partner in the Solutions integration and in the Specific Solutions development adapted to the basic concept.

In Real Estate Management, Smart Point SA has developed complete and customized systems for monitoring and maintaining buildings, as well as specific solutions that can be integrated into existing systems.

Various and important are Smart Point SA contributions in the following areas:

  • Analysis and improvement of basic data;
  • Indications transmission for the different compatibilities of the properties;
  • Supplier Management and Partner Control, in order to monitor the effective implementation of the contractual arrangements;
  • Management of the monitoring equipments in boiler rooms, as well as control of supplying gas, water, electricity etc .;
  • Access to the historical construction documentation, to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, especially in case of theft or damage;
  • Tracking of the different installations and their placements;
  • Assistance in rental contracts and in many other areas.