Life-Saving Solution

The SIW system is a security solution that can be used by any person who works isolated and whose professional activity presents a risk of accident. The system can locate the worker’s position in the case of a fall or prolonged inactivity in case of illness. The alarm is immediately transmitted to a security center, which will be able to operate in a timely manner.

System operation is very simple: Every worker has a Smartphone on which the SIW application is installed. The operator activates the application before starting his work. This information is sent to the “Security” control unit. Communication takes place by GPRS (3G or 4G) or WIFI; consequently at least one of these radio coverages has to be provided to the worker throughout his work activity. In something came up, worker’s prolonged inactivity or fall, an alarm is automatically triggered. If the worker does not react, the alarm will be sent to the control panel.

The methods of the worker’s localization are varied. The first is GPS location: when the alarm is sent, SIW software uses the GPS of the Smartphone sending geodetic position to the control panel. This localization system certainly works only outdoors.

On the contrary, for the activities within buildings, galleries or tunnels, the DATI system receives the electronic buoy signal (iBeacon), ensuring a very precise internal location (Indoor Localization). All SIW system messages arrive at a computer server. The Security Control Center or Control Centers are connected to the server via DATA software, configured according to the application’s needs. The specified software can send alerts on other systems too (SMS, @mail) and display the worker’s location on a map.

However, these technological software are developed by Smart Point SA, calibrated according to the customer’s needs.