Indoor Navigation Solution

The use of Indoor Navigation (called Indoor Positioning as well) is expanding its horizons more and more.

Through a sophisticated localization technology, operating in the internal environment, the user can eventually locate himself and get information about his own location. What is more the user can locate the closest points of interest and define the paths to reach a particular point in the property. This will eliminate the sense of loss, typically felt in unfamiliar environment, especially in large public places.

Location Based services represents a new frontier for Mobile Location Service (MLS) both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business).

For example, in a museum, a customer can access paper or audio guides directly from his smartphone, know the exact location of an artwork, and even create a path that allows him to create a customised museum visit. In a large mall, the customer can receive detailed information about the store that is looking for and receiving information about discounts or coupons.

Indoor Navigation does not stop here. Often, the headquarters of the public authorities are real labyrinths. The Indoor navigation is the Arianna’s thread that drives the user out of the labyrinth: it allows to know the entire layout of the structure; to reach the office quickly; avoid long queues at the counters.