Gas Solution

The “Gas” Solution employs Smart Point® technology to manage and monitor the maintenance activities, even if outsourced.

In this particular case, one of our latest projects has affected a Gas Dealer Company that has decided to adopt Smart Point® technology for the labelling and managing of: cabins and interception systems, cathodic protection system, gas chromatography apparatus. Thus, the Company has acquired the ability to handle the maintainer in outsourcing.

The process involves that the Maintainer reads the tag, recognizes and accesses the computer data card of his exclusive relevance, then performs the tasks and updates the tag by recording the date and time of the intervention. After that, the same Supplier periodically exports the activities carried out in a non-editable format and sends it to the Customer, (the Plant Owner), who definitively imports it into their application, making the information available for subsequent consultations and / or elaborations.

Another very important agent of the gas supply chain uses the Smart Point® labels for the monitoring of: measuring points, valves and group of reduction.

The Gas Solution guarantees the following benefits:

  • Overall increase in security and service efficiency as well as in sensitive management economies;
  • Closely monitoring of individual components, or critical ones, and related maintenance activities, including where the operations are carried out by external companies;
  • Constantly updating databases regarding the status of each component;
  • Immediate availability of operative data, computerized registration of the information, and unique certification of their origin, resulting in a reduction in both data retention times and any decoding and / or transcription errors.