Digital Picket Solution

In order to draft a technical specification relating to urban development (extension, restoration, reconstruction and rehabilitation of water, sewage, gas, electricity, telephone, data transmission, etc.), it is absolutely necessary to have a series of reliable data that “photograph” the state of the works in existence to avoid or minimize the risk of unforeseen.

Indeed, as far as these works are concerned, information may be unreliable because they are not up-to-date because of interventions that have occurred over time, often with urgency or temporary nature, whose variations have not been recorded in archive records and whose traces have been, for this reason, lost.

The digital picket, that is electronic underground services labelling, can solve these problems. Certain identification of each service and its manager allows to “map” the territory and to include information into a centralized database that supports administrations and operators. This will allow to manage all the interventions in the covered area by reducing significantly the risk of unforeseen and therefore of administrative burdens in the execution phase of the work.

Smart Point® technology, thanks to its special features, has:

  • Physical Robustness
  • Data Security;
  • Label accessibility for data updating and reporting;
  • Adequate memory capacity.

Service Provider benefits derived from adopting Smart Point® solution involve:

  • An updated implants mapping;
  • Information directly on the field;
  • Information relating to other Service Providers’ interventions;
  • Periodic monitoring of the interventions carried out and identification of those who performed them.

While the administration will have:

  • An updated mapping of the plants belonging to all Service Providers present in administration’s competency territory;
  • Control over the interventions made and on these that have to be made;
  • The possibility of planning the interventions according to their own needs on the territory.