Bus Solution

The Smart Point S.A. has developed a solution that identifies buses by using electronic TAGs. This system gives the possibility to acquire maintenance information directly from the electronic control unit, put on board of any single bus, through the CAN-BUS communication port.

The application provides for the reading of the real miles, driving times, and the acquiring date of return of each bus service. The acquired data is processed by the central server and exported to the company’s maintenance software.

Firstly, it is necessary to install on the bus a state-of-the-art “System TAG”, that allows to identify uniquely the bus, to acquire remotely the interesting data and transmit them to the central server via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. Secondly the maintenance plant has to be equipped with one or more Wi-Fi antennas able to capture the signal at the entrance or exit of the bus in the depot. Lastly, it will be possible to manage the maintenance of the buses park by means of automated maintenance alerts sent to the business software in order to dynamically recalibrate the planned maintenance plan for each vehicle.

The advantages are noteworthy: from the systematic respect of the maintenance service intervals with an increase in longevity of the mechanical and motor parts of the vehicle, to the real-time management of buses available for operation and shutdown times; from the immediate control of the kilometers traveled by each bus and hours of service performed, to the elimination of paper forms, and the certification that maintenance was actually fulfilled.