Automatic Identification Systems

Laser (Barcode)

A set of high contrast graphic elements, arranged to make them easily read by a scanning sensor and decoded in order to give back the contained information.

As far as Barcode reading is concerned, the prevailing technology, but similarly the most reliable one, employs one or more laser beams.


A technology consisting of a chip, an antenna and a reader.

Each chip has an identifier (UID) that allows to identify the object or the organism on which the chip is installed and can be read remotely even through the thickness of the skin, peel and other materials, both natural and artificial.

Smart Point® System

It’s composed of:

  • An EEPROM memory encapsulated in a 316L stainless steel casing, with a maximum diameter of 6.5 mm and a 1.25 mm thick;
  • An electronic interface (Reader) for physical reading and writing operations;
  • Software to be installed on Smartphone, PCs or tablets.



The company Smart Point SA assures not only the effectiveness of its own solutions, but their application and correct integration into any kind of process or system, even when very limited spaces are available.

Moreover, our Solutions have the remarkable feature to persist for 20 years.



Our Solutions allow for work in extreme conditions such as:

Mechanical shocks, thermal shocks, vibrations, low pressures, high pressures, UV rays, X-rays, electrical discharges, magnetic fields, chemical agents, tropical climate, condensation, salt air, sterilization.

They are based on a proprietary communication protocol; as a consequence they are extremely secure regarding the sensitive data protection.



Smart Point SA - Software

Smart Point SA offers its customers complete turnkey solutions or new applications that integrate those that are already in use by the Client. The company is specialized in activities related to processes’ computerization, such as:

  • Feasibility studies and optimization of operation and maintenance processes, with or without the use of automatic identification systems;
  • Analysis, design and development of custom software (Windows, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Android) to integrate, if necessary, with applications already owned by the Client;
  • Planning and realization of libraries dedicated to any kind of hardware (RFID Readers, Bar Codes, Contact Memories);
  • Electronics and micromechanics;
  • Turnkey projects and staff training.

Elettronics and Micromachanics

Our main services:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Designing new devices

  • Prototyping new devices

  • Study, design and fulfillment of supports or mechanical parts for the proper placement of electronic labels on the components to trace

Smart Point Sa - Elettronica